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NFT Launch

Launched June 2022

Now Minting
Scout Sites

Identify and secure options on ideal properties for our members’ exclusive use


Discuss and vote on which property is best suited for our needs


Buy the property we think is most exciting and useful for the community


Co-create and build our ideal site for members to use


Open and throw a festival on the property

Add Sites

Grow the site network as the community grows

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Utility & Benefits


Submit proposals for how to allocate the community treasury and vote on major decisions.

Site Use

Discounted access to Kift's IRL memberships (50% off when you sign up for a year). Come with your van or livable home on wheels and make IRL connections.

Early access

Event & festival tickets, meetups at Kift properties, merch, and future drops. Owning a Kiftable brings you to the front of the line.

Ownership of IP

As long as you own the NFT, you have a royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display and animate your NFT for both personal and commercial use.

Inclusive Community

We embrace the adventurous spirit and are there to celebrate each other's wins and support each other's losses.


We give back. NFT owners will be able to apply for sponsorship for various diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Interested in Learning More?


Have any questions? The best place to find out more about Kiftables is on Discord - There's always someone around to help out whenever you need it.

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What are Kiftables?

A community-driven collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs (ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain) that are made up of hundreds of exciting visual traits and vehicles designed by Vanlifer.

Owning a Kiftable grants you lifelong access to an inclusive community with IRL perks! It also grants you voting rights to shape Kift DAO's roadmap. Additional benefits are outlined below.

Can you tell me about the art?

Kiftables are drawn by renowned illustrator Jason Hablous (aka Vanlifer). Inspired by the technical drawings he poured over as a child, Jason's isometric illustrations were born on the road with a sketch book and iPad while living the van life dream. He started by drawing campervans commissioned by their owners so they could remember and show-off the unique individualism of their beloved vans.

Now, working with NFTs, Jason is able to explore the endless customization opportunities which make our homes on wheels so unique. As an artist, Jason prioritizes maintaining the hand-drawn aesthetic of the Kiftables. The slight imperfections and wobbly lines give an artistic uniqueness to every NFT created and will ensure yours feels unique.

What are the comprehensive benefits of owning a Kiftable NFT?

Owning a Kiftable is an invitation to join us on a lifelong journey towards evangelizing some of Web3's core values (agency, ownership, and community) in a real-life, tangibly meaningful way. It serves as an opportunity to co-create the supportive, nature-oriented living environment of our dreams.

Specifically, the core IRL benefits of owning a Kiftable are governance rights, property usage, early access to future events & drops, IP ownership, and a wonderful and inclusive community.

How will governance work?

Each NFT holder will be verified in our Discord to get permission to governance channels. These token-gated channels will provide details on how to submit proposals and when formal voting on proposals will occur. The key focus of governance will be coordinating the acquisition of the DAO's first property. These channels will host discussions on topics like potential property submissions, site tours, evaluations/diligence, acquisition, design, construction, and public debut.

Each NFT will have one representative vote in proposals made through Snapshot. We intend on having all major decisions made through our Snapshot with smaller, more specific decisions being made by core contributors and squads.

How will the funds generated from sales be used?

Proceeds from the NFT sale are expected to be used as follows

  • 80% will be allocated to the DAO treasury to purchase the first site and develop it for recreational use by NFT holders;
  • 5% will be allocated towards donations to local land conservation and indigenous organizations;
  • 15% will be held to cover operating expenses (i.e., to keep the lights on)
What is the mint price?
  • 0.08 ETH for the Allowlist
  • 0.10 ETH for Public Sale
When will the sale of the Kiftables Collection start?

The Collection sale is planned for Spring 2022. We will announce the timing specifically in our Discord and via email before it starts.

How can I get a spot on the Allowlist to mint early?

You can join our Allowlist by following our Twitter and staying in the loop on upcoming giveaways. Send us a DM if you don't see any upcoming giveaways and we can see if there's some space for you.

What if I mint a Kiftable that isn't my dream van?

No worries! Check out the #nft-swaps channel in our Discord to see if you can trade directly with someone else in the community. We suggest using NFT Trader to conduct secure swaps. Please be cautious and skeptical of those that send you a DM to trade.

What are your secondary royalty fees?

We take 5% of each secondary sale.

What are you doing to mitigate the environmental impact of the NFT release?

We're working with Wren to ensure that all the carbon emissions generated from minting our Kiftables are offset with legitimate carbon sequestration projects. Check out their website to learn more about the projects the offsets go towards funding.

How will you ensure the randomness for minting a Kiftable?

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of our project, we needed to curate it. Making the mint happen in real-time proved difficult, because, for example, some surfboards didn't look good on models with meals being cooked right next to the van. We therefore minted the collection beforehand and then randomly placed Kiftables in minting order using Chainlink VRF.

How many Kiftables can I mint?

You'll be able to mint a maximum of 5 NFTs.

Can I use my Kiftable freely?

You own your Kiftable NFT. When you purchase an NFT, you own the underlying Kiftable, the Art, completely. At no point may we seize, freeze, or otherwise modify the ownership of any Kiftable. We grant you a worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy, and display the purchased Art, along with any extensions that you choose to create or use.

We are intentional about this approach because it allows for our project to build awareness in an organic and co-creative way, which is in direct alignment with the Kift ethos.

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